You can’t win with a losing hand…

I listened to an interesting White Horse Inn podcast recently. It was an interview with Greg Koukl, from Stand to Reason discussing the “unbelievable unbelief” of the arguments put forth by skeptic Michael Shermer.

The interview reminded me of the words of one of my favorite theologians, Bob Dylan, who sang “you can’t win with a losing hand”. Charles Spurgeon, without the aid of a guitar, said the same thing, “For me to have an interest apart from him who made me, and keeps me alive, – for me, the creature of an hour, to fancy that I can have a will in opposition to the will of God, and that I can so live and prosper, — why, I must be a fool!” The lost man’s desperate reasoning is “a losing hand.”

But this is true of us (Christians as well) when we (I) prefer to think that happiness is to be found apart from God’s will, when I think I can win with a losing hand.

What mercy, that God opens the eyes of the blind.

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